Win a FREE Shower Pan Tester

Let us premier your videos on our YouTube channel and on this website of you demonstrating the use of the ShowerPanTester  during one of your home inspections and how it helped you discover a leaking shower pan you may not have otherwise found without the use of the ShowerPanTester and you will be illegible to receive a FREE ShowerPanTester.

We will pick one new submitted video a month to premier ON THIS WEBSITE, if your video is selected to premiere ON THIS WEBSITE, we will send you a FREE ShowerPanTester.

Tips for best video content:

  1. Show the ShowerPanTester submerged in water.
  2. Show the leaking water discovered adjacent to the shower.
  3. On video, explain how the ShowerPanTester helped you discover the leaky show pan.
  4. Show any field tips or tricks you have found that work best for you when using the ShowerPanTester.

Contact us at to submit your video. 

See Example Video Below